No Chew Spray for Dog – XWDSKJE

XWDSKJE Bitter Apple Spray for Dogs, No Chew Spray for Dogs to Stop Chewing, Dog Spray Deterrent for Pet Behavior Training, Indoor and Outdoor Use, Prevent Scratching, Stay Away from Restricted Areas

Why Choose Bitter Apple Spray?

– Our Bitter Apple Spray uses an exclusive patented formula, specially designed for the purpose of training pets not to scratch.
– The well-designed Bitter Apple Spray can be sprayed on the surface of furniture, floors, plants and other scratch targets.
– It won’t leaves any stains or residue.
– All you have to do is apply No Chew Spray on the area where you want your pet to stop chewing and scratching.
– It can be reused every day as needed, combined with rewards to improve train your pet to develop good habits.

This No Chew Spray for Dogs can be used to prevent pets from entering there stricted area, and it can also prevent pets from urinating and defecation in the car or other places and pets from scratching and biting furniture, Sofas and other utensils to prevent outdoor dogs from destroying trees, flowers and plants, and help grow Good habits

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