Mycicy Short Dog Leash

Mycicy Short Dog Leash- 18 Inch Rope Traffic Leash with Padded Handle- 1/2” Strong Nylon Tab Leash for Medium Large Dogs Training Walking (Black)


  • Short Leash for Dog Training: 18inch length and 1/2 inch diameter- Keep Your Dog in Perfect “heel” Position. Strong and durable nylon rope leash that you can easy to control your dog when training walking and service. Perfect length for medium and large size dogs.
  • Dog Leash Handle- Take your pup near traffic and crowds. The short handles leash has soft padded, the concave and convex details are more suitable for the fingers, it is soft, comfortable, non-slip and not easy to take off.
  • HEAVY DUTY 360°- Swivel clip is high quality and durable enough to provide you a safe control of your large breeds. Can quickly connect a harness or collar. Durable and sturdy.
  • Traffic Leash for Dogs- Use the short handle for higher traffic areas and crowded areas/busy street, the short leash gives you a nice, good grip on your dog to keep him close when necessary, approaching the people, other dogs, cars, errant trash and food on the ground, etc.
  • Short Leash for Dogs – Perfect dog leashes to control while training or modifying unwanted behavior. Works well for untrained dogs. It enables close contact. If there is any question, please contact us at any time, we will work on your concern until it’s totally solved and you’re 100% satisfied.
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