Dog Sport Collar 1.5inch 4cm cobra style

classic 1.5″ Blackout Tactical collar.

This collar will withstand anything you throw at it, whether it be sand, water, or the test of time. This ridiculously strong 1.5” Collar was designed with durability & functionality in mind, making it our most versatile option. From small dog to large, they all love it the same!

Collars are made with using dual layer webbing with a tensile strength of 6500lbs then sewn together with triple-pass bar tack stitches using high strength polyester thread. The collar features our specially crafted bespoke cobra style combat clip connected with a D-Ring going one step above the competition with the Cobra buckle and D-ring, both of which are conveniently incorporated in one piece. This makes opening and closing the collar quick and easy.

Also another feature unlike others is the extra webbing added behind the combat clip to protect your dogs fur from interfering and getting in the way when fitting and well in use. All this to make the ultimate not only functional but also stylish collar out there.

Available in 2 sizes :

  • Medium: For 38cm – 48cm Neck Size
  • Large: For 46cm – 56cm Neck Size
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